x` The Insanity of God
insanity of god


"I encourage you to go to the theater and watch this film. It will change your perspective on what it means to follow Jesus, and your life will be changed."

— David Platt
President of the International Mission Board

"What Nik and Ruth Ripken share here will change your view of God’s current-day activity in the world and your perception about how millions of our fellow believers live. The stories of persecution are not marked by defeat or hopelessness—they are stories of triumph and God’s amazing faithfulness to His people."

— Kevin Ezell
President North American Mission Board, SBC

"There is no stronger argument for the claims of Christ than when his followers abandon everything and willingly lay down their lives. It’s how the early church grew, and it’s how the church is growing around the world even today. The Insanity of God allows us a small glimpse into a few of these astounding stories, reminding us that there is no limit to what God can do with a life that is fully surrendered to him."

— J.D. Greear, Ph.D.
Pastor of The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham, NC and author, Gaining by Losing: Why the Future Belongs to Churches that Send

"If you truly want to understand what it takes to follow Christ no matter the circumstance, then watch this movie. It will change your life and it will change your church for the sake of the Gospel."

— Dr. Thom Rainer
President LifeWay Christian Resources

"This film is a modern-day wake up call for the Church. I would encourage pastors to use this film because it will lead people to a deeper commitment to missions."

— Dr. Frank Page
President/CEO of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention

"To me great films make you ask great questions in your own life. I think this is one of those films that's going to make you ask deep questions. What would I be willing to risk on behalf of the gospel and what ultimately would a relationship with Jesus be worth? It is a powerful, moving and emotional story."

— Jon Erwin
Director October Baby/Mom's Night Out/Woodlawn

"A powerful film that shows what God can do when someone fully surrenders to His purpose for their lives. I highly recommend everyone to watch this film."

— Dr. Mark Croston
National Director of Black Church Partnerships, LifeWay

"This film is a jarring reminder that our faith does not require comfort, luxury, or fame. All of our Christian hit songs, best-selling books, and box office smashes are nothing compared to the faith that persecuted believers endure in many places around the world. If western Christians understood what this film presents, then our country would be a different place."

— Alex Kendrick
Director War Room, Courageous, Fireproof

"Darkness and Light. Persecution and Peace. As I watched this compelling film, I was reminded anew that only Jesus can be my light and my peace. As a believer, I can’t be quiet; I must act on my hope in spite of the fear. Jesus is worth it. The question is - will I? I pray that as Christians watch The Insanity of God their lives will be changed forever, and that as the Body of Christ, we will be faithful in making Him known – even in the hardest places."

— Sam Thomas
Mission Mobilizer, Africa Inland Mission

“An incredible collection of stories from men and women who chose to serve Jesus in extremely difficult situations. The Holy Spirit will use this film to stretch your spiritual capacity and desire to serve Jesus more sacrificially. In the face of severe persecution, the perfect love of Jesus Christ drove out fear. Through obedience, these Christ followers saw the Church thrive in the midst of suffering. May we each bear a heart willing to suffer, and learn firsthand that Jesus is worth it!.”

— Larry D. Andrews
President & CEO, Partners International

"There is a long heritage of stories of missionaries and martyrs. This film reminds us of the realities of Christians following Jesus and losing their lives in the process. When we engage these real life stories, we are provoked to action in love and good deeds. Don't miss The Insanity of God!"

— Dr. Ed Stetzer
Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, Wheaton College

"If you’ve ever wondered if faith in Jesus is worth it, you must watch the The Insanity of God. The resounding, “Yes!” is as undeniable as is the challenge to the notion of a convenient faith in God. We are surrounded by a modern day cloud of witnesses whose faith in God point us to the resurrected Jesus Christ."

— Jeff Denlinger
President, WorldVenture

"He is worthy and the inspiration of the persecuted church will display His truth in resurrected life. The Insanity of God will move His church to deeper depths of pushing back darkness. Can't wait!"

— Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Woodstock

"This not only a true story, but a story that is still being written. The persecution of Christians around the world is at an all-time high with no signs of it is slowing down anytime soon. We must be aware; we must prayer; and we must act. The outcome of this story depends on our involvement!"

— Randy Frazee
Author of The Heart of the Story and Senior Minister of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas